Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner is one of Denmark’s leading young designers, and is a front figure in bringing forward new Scandinavian design to consumers around the world. He already has several design awards and prestigious exhibitions under his belt.

“I'm at my best when I strike a harmony between opposites such as rigid/organic, masculine/feminine, symmetry/asymmetry etc. I often start a project by dissecting the objects to its essential elements, in order to rebuild its anatomy in a new way. The love of form and expression is my driving force, and I believe that design should be seductive. If an idea doesn't warm my heart or make me smile I might as well throw away the sketch and start all over.”

“On a daily basis I don't give my geographical heritage a lot of thought. But implicitly we are schooled to think holistic, to think all the way around the challenge and put the user in the centre. We feel at our best when things have a reason for existing and nothing is dispensable.”

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